Mother & Son

Mother & Son von Stephan Spelde

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Mother & Son von Stephan Spelde

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There is practically always water In the Ngorogoro krater in Tanzania. This means that herds of wildlife is also present. And where there is wildlife, there are lions.

The experienced lioness mother is laying quitely in the grass and waits for an opportunity the inattentive prey to appear.

The playful son cannot stay still and has just made manace with a group of buffalos.

After being brutefully persuited by the Alpha males of that group, he quickly seeks shelter with his Mom.

Über Stephan Spelde

Stephan Spelde ProfilfotoA passionate travel photographer with a mission to try and capture life and the traces it leaves behind of as many places in the world as possible.

It is my mission to create the best art suitable for your office or appropriate room of the house.

Can't find a specific piece of work from me, that you perhaps found om my Google+ page? Please contact me and we will work it out.

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