Krka waterval in Kroatië

Krka waterval in Kroatië von Vincent Fennis

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Krka waterval in Kroatië von Vincent Fennis

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Een van de populairste attracties aan de Dalmatische kust is het Nationale Park Krka. De Krka watervallen liggen redelijk centraal in Dalmatië, vlakbij Sibenik. Iedere dag weten veel toeristen dit mooie park te vinden. Terecht, want het is ook een van de mooiste natuurlijke attracties van Kroatië.

Über Vincent Fennis

Vincent Fennis ProfilfotoI seriously started photography about 3 years ago, however I was always very interested in photography before but I didn’t really put in the time and work as I do today. If you have to put a label on my work I would say I am a travel/landscape photographer but I am also really into taking photos of architecture and minimalistic compositions. I did not get into photography only just to take photos, I really love the places/locations I visit and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I get to see over and over again. If I wouldn't be out taking photos I would most definitely miss a lot of these amazing moments/experiences.

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