Kloster Antoinette

Kloster Antoinette von Urban Relics

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Kloster Antoinette

von Urban Relics

Kloster Antoinette von Urban Relics

Bestelle dieses Bild auf Leinwand, Alu-Dibond, Holz, als Poster, Fototapete oder Acrylglasbild.

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Attraktive Leseecke mit Sessel in einem verlassenen und verfallenen Kloster im Süden Belgiens.

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Urban Relics ProfilfotoPhotography was a long time fascination for me. About a year and a half ago (summer 2015) I thought the time was right to look into that fascination some more. I started attending evening classes in order to familiarize myself with the basic techniques of photography. I soon discovered a preference for photgraphing abandoned and derelict buildings and structures, a branch of photography known as ?urban exploring?. Apart from the photography itself, the challenge exists in finding locations and finding a way to get in. Sometimes you get in; sometimes you don?t? On top of that it is extra challenging to photograph in a difficult and often dark environment. As to the kind of buildings I have a preference for industrial sites, churches, convents and castles.

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