Erasmus-Brücke in der Dämmerung

Erasmus-Brücke in der Dämmerung von Gea Gaetani d'Aragona

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Erasmus-Brücke in der Dämmerung von Gea Gaetani d'Aragona

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Die Erasmus-Brücke in Rotterdam in der Dämmerung mit wundervoller Lichtreflexion in der Maas. Beleuchtete Gebäude im Hintergrund

Über Gea Gaetani d'Aragona

Gea Gaetani d'Aragona ProfilfotoPhotography is my true passion in life. I started out with black and white photography as a teenager and I was immediately hooked with developing and printing my own photos. Since a few years, I've switched to digital, a different world, but not less rich in ideas and possibilities than analog photography. Over time, I have specialized in nature and landscape photography, the wonderful macro world, and I feel strongly attracted to street photography. They are all different views of the representation of reality, with a common denominator: every shot I shoot from the heart. Since a few years, I am travelling between Italy and Holland, which is now my "home away from home", but my city, Taranto, remains one of my favorite subjects.

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