Endless railroad

Endless railroad von Niels Leeninga

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Endless railroad von Niels Leeninga

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Über Niels Leeninga

Niels Leeninga Profilfoto"You don't take a photograph, you make it. " - Ansel Adams. The statement of the famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams suits me well. I?m Niels Leeninga (Leeninga Photography), a professional Dutch landscape photographer. I have a profound love for capturing the beauty of landscapes. My images have been published in magazines in the Netherlands.As a landscape photographer, I?m active in the Netherlands and abroad. A good image tells a story ? All my images are well prepared. When I?m scouting spots I try to imagine what the circumstances must be to take a photo of the spot. I visit a spot several times before I make the photo I want.An image must be at his best when taken so the adjustments on a computer are little and the quality of the image is as high as possible. Ever since Niels first began taking photography seriously, his images have been in demand commercially. Since 2011 Niels has been working as a freelance professional landscape photographer, regularly supplying imagery and undertaking commissions for a wide range of business clients.

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