Elvis The King In Salmon-Rosé

Elvis The King In Salmon-Rosé von Gitta Gläser

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Elvis The King In Salmon-Rosé

von Gitta Gläser

Elvis The King In Salmon-Rosé von Gitta Gläser

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Handgezeichnetes Portrait von Elvis Presley, digital coloriert und mit verschiedenen Elementen wie Schrift, Sternen und Blüten zu einer Collage vereint.

The original is a charcoal drawing of Elvis Presley.
For this print version it got decorated with hearts, stars, crowns, blossoms and typography.
The design got colored in salmon-rosé, light yellow and brown.

Dieses Bild wird angeboten von Gitta Gläser

Gitta Gläser ProfilfotoI'm a fineartist from Germany.
No matter if traditional realistic art, abstract paintings, digital creations or a mix of everything - ART is my PASSION and ever since I can remember, I have loved drawing and painting and have nurtured and developed my talent over the years.
Portraits, nude art, animals, landscapes, still lifes, flowers, star pictures, cartoons or special illustrations (for publishers etc), book designs or different types of media (be it music CD covers and artwork or similar) are all part of my resume.
I draw & paint with charcoal, pastel, ink, oil, acrylic, aquarelle, pen, crayons, chalks.... and love to work with GIMP when I mix original art with digital art to create special designs for prints.

Art is always relative, has a certain uniqueness to the eye of the beholder, and as they say, a painter paints what they see, feel and think.
In a way my pictures are reflections of my soul, inspired from the sources of my life, impressed by my fascination for detail, created & immortalized by the hands of my heart. ;)

If you like to know more about my work or you have interest in an original work or your very own printed design (favourite color, written name on it, special greetings for a loved one...) - just contact me.
Some of my wallart prints you might find also on mobile cases, t-shirts, pillows amm here:


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