Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream von Charlotte Hartong

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Elephants Dream von Charlotte Hartong

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Elephants Dream von Charlotte Hartong

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The idea for this drawing started when I took a digital tour trough the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (it looks so awesome, I hope to see it in real life some day..).
The tour starts with this Elephant in the central hall. I found it to be a beautiful display with the elephant. It almost looks like the elephant is on some kind of epic journey. Walking trough the deserts on a quest to a watery oasis.. But the truth is.. the elephant is dead and put on display in a museum.
(With reminds me of a quote by Kenneth Hudson: "a tiger in a museum is a tiger in a museum, not a tiger")
As you can see the elephant in the drawing has the same posture as the elephant in the museum. I thought a bit about where the animal would travel if it could. Inspired by artworks of others I put the animal in this surrealist-feeling environment I created with this pointillist-style-fineliner-technique that I'm using nowadays. (Still with a simple 0.7mm fineliner from the supermarket in this piece tho..)

Über Charlotte Hartong

Charlotte Hartong ProfilfotoI work as a cultural heritage specialist in museums, and I enjoy creating and drawing when I'm not working on other projects. I find joy in lots of things. In Dutch we have beautiful word to describe it: Dingenliefde. Which we could translate as 'the love for stuff'. Stay up to date at: https://www.facebook.com/hannighan (also for promotions!)Want to know more? Visit hannighan.com or e-mail me at me@hannighan.com and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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