Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom von Ratna Bosch

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Cherry blossom von Ratna Bosch

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The cherry blossoms (sakura in Japanese) has always been a symbol of the ephemeral beauty in Japan. She is closely associated with the samurai and bushido culture. This is also the reason why you often see flowers printed on kimonos or crockery. Life is considered beautiful and short, a bit like the cherry blossoms that rises and disappears again. The Japanese Sakura period are nowadays dominated by the Cherry Blossom events that are organized around it. It belongs to the core of Japanese culture and is one of the most important periods of the year.
The Japanese cherry blossom is known around the world as there are always beautiful, almost magical, photos that were taken and distributed. The bloom periods are short so be quick!

Über Ratna Bosch

Ratna Bosch ProfilfotoDutch photographer, I love the little and simple things in live and never without my camera.

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