Bully's Trails

Bully's Trails von Melanie Delamare

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Bully's Trails

von Melanie Delamare

Bully's Trails von Melanie Delamare

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Melanie Delamare ProfilfotoMy name is Melanie Delamare. I am french, born in Istanbul in 1988.As an expat as a child, my parents and myself have been travelling and living in different countries around the world such as Thailand, South Africa, India and Switzerland. I had a very fortunate life with my family, giving me the chance to discover and understand various cultures, traditions and languages.

My passion for photography started when I turned 19 years old. I had my first professional camera as a Christmas present which changed my life. This is when I began taking photographs of wildlife and I immediately fell in love with the power of those pictures. But my dream, back in the days, was not becoming as a professional photographer yet but as a Field Guide in my country at heart: SOUTH AFRICA.

2009: After finishing my studies in France, I took an opportunity that would allow me to work and experience as a volunteer in a Game Reserve in South Africa whilst I was doing my residency papers.

In 2012, after few years of waiting, I managed to receive my papers, and from that moment, it completely changed me as a person and lifestyle. I successfully achieved my dream as a Field Guide across South Africa which was my best years yet. Even as a ranger, my camera was always by my side ready to capture today's moments and tomorrow's memories.

2016: My life took a turn when I decided to move to Cape Town and make my way into my photography skills. I freelanced for photo tour companies in the city and

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