Antelope Canyon 1547

Antelope Canyon 1547 von Rob Walburg

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Antelope Canyon 1547

von Rob Walburg

Antelope Canyon 1547 von Rob Walburg

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Prachtige rotsformaties in de wereldberoemde Lower Antelope Canyon, waarschijnlijk de meest gefotografeerde kloof in Arizona, Verenigde Staten. Echter, geen enkele foto is gelijk, door de lichtval en verschil in camerapositie krijg je verschillende kleurspelingen en composities.

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Rob Walburg ProfilfotoI started young as an amateur photographer, it intrigued me a lot. I captured details and parts of objects and buildings, patterns in common things and nature. It actually never changed, I still work that way. Everywhere I am, I see things differently and still capture those things I love. I love powerful colors and strong contrasts, certain designs and forms, but I also could fall in love with a great sunset. Many of my pics ended up on the cover of some musicians, I do the artwork of a small music label. So please check my albums, I hope you might find something what you are looking for. Thanks anyway for taking the time to look in them!

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