Absteigend über Voerendaal

Absteigend über Voerendaal von Nop Briex

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Absteigend über Voerendaal von Nop Briex

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Wo meine Krippe war. Süd-Limburg mit seinem schönen Heuvelland mit dem gelegentlich eintreffenden Flugzeug in Richtung Beek.

Über Nop Briex


Today's images and even those from the past inspire me to make them re-useable for new re-actionair contemporary impressionistic art. My drawings and paintings are loose style sketched impressions, the paintings in a colourful palette. I work very rapidly by emotion, averse to perfection, fearing to drown into de-energizing details and tinkering.

Compositions in almost unfinishing state, works that become part by the contemporary impressionist impulse. Evolving to a more questionnable abstract essential contemporary imaginable expressive impressionism.

With the internet we are overloaded with thousands of images per day, wonderful. Have paintings on the wall still a place? Yes, you can touch them, feel them, smell them. Paintings and drawings made with traditional material that excite offer you attention and let you bath in full tranquility and joy.

Aside that I embrace the new technologies like digital painting and imaging. Great techniques which inspire me to make beautiful works in a different way. Well chosen art tells a lot about yourself, who you are and who you want to be. It even says something about your good taste and status.

My free art and commissioned art is art of today.

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