Abandoned coalmine in Belgium

Abandoned coalmine in Belgium von Raymond Tillieu

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Abandoned coalmine in Belgium

von Raymond Tillieu

Abandoned coalmine in Belgium von Raymond Tillieu

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A look at an outbuilding of an abandoned coalmine in Belgium.
This coalmine was the most important mine in the area and had 4 mining shafts.
The first shaft was dug in 1850 for coal mining. After an accident in 1877 the mine closed for the first time. It was reopened thirty years later, in 1907, to remain in operation until 1977.
After the closure in 1977 a part was demolished and the remains of the mine were held by another owner who wanted to keep the mine as complete as possible. However, he died in 2012, after which the mine came again to the municipality.
Since then, the terrain and buildings have been taken back by nature and are becoming increasingly desolate and more dangerous.

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Raymond Tillieu ProfilfotoSince a few years I visit and photograph abandoned and decayed buildings in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This is also called urbex or urban exploration. I try to capture these locations as natural as possible without the use of artificial light and with minimal photo editing, so the original atmosphere is maintained. Take a look at my work and order a nice copy for home. Looking for something special? Please contact me. Also visit my website to see more work.

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