A fox a day keeps the doctors away

A fox a day keeps the doctors away von Arjan Winkelaar

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A fox a day keeps the doctors away

von Arjan Winkelaar

A fox a day keeps the doctors away von Arjan Winkelaar

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Arjan Winkelaar ProfilfotoThere was a moment in time where he thought about attending Art school, only to decide he rather helped people with psychological troubles and embarked on a study in social work. Between this study and the odd jobs following his graduation he remained true to his fondness to the Arts, especially autonomous drawing. He kept on drawing, painting and on occasion make small sculptures. After some experiments with paint and brushes he felt his skills were better equipped in the arts of drawing and lost his heart completely in this medium.

His works revolves around nature, the way humankind treads through nature like he/she is the omnipresence without regarding the fact that the only God in nature, is nature itself. Sometimes the work is more mundane and just deals with the cycle of life and death all living things go through. But always there is a hint of God and nature to be seen in his work. It’s about living in a world were people try to make a living in a place where there is no respect for nature or the way it evolves around us.

Arjan Winkelaar like to call his drawings his way of seeing the world through a darkened window and the feeling of being born between shards of glass and the remainders of dust.

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