Stadt - Schlangenzug

Stadt - Schlangenzug von Bruce Girault

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Stadt - Schlangenzug von Bruce Girault

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Über Bruce Girault

Bruce Girault ProfilfotoBorn in 1970, in the 1990'ies Aktivities as a Electricity Chief on small cinematics Films in France, Some interesting Sets where i set one time almost 200 000 watt light for some night Shootings scenes, a great experience... Redirecting my life in Germany/Berlin (1998), i started with Photography in 2012 with a Nikon D200, over the years feeling more and more attracted about it, got an upgrade with an Nikon D300S and finally with the Nikon D750... in this laps of time i do realize how much "Prime Lenses" do it better and result of this get the "Holy Trinity" from Nikon (14-24mm / 24-70mm / 70-200mm)...

I do mostly some City/Landscape, I wish i could travel a bit more as i do, I am looking for the unusual perspective/Moment.

I wish i could have more time for and live from Photography...

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