Northern lights

Northern lights von Frits Hendriks

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Northern lights von Frits Hendriks

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The northern lights in all their beauty above a snowy, Icelandic landscape. A phenomenon you really should see.

Über Frits Hendriks

Frits Hendriks ProfilfotoFrom the moment I got my first digital camera in 2007 I was hooked to photography. I bought an used canon 10d camera from a colleague and that opened a whole new world of creativity for me. Everything I came across was photographed until I started to focus myself more and more to wildlife and landscape photography, which are up to today still my two greatest passions in photography.
Over the years I've improved the quality of my photos by learning from others, by looking at how other photographers see and view the world. And I do hope that with my photos I can help other photographers as well.

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