Flour Factory, Leiden von Erik Zachte

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View from the Flour Factory over old city of Leiden.

De Meelfabriek (Flour Factory) is an industrial complex of 13 buildings near the Singel in Leiden. It dates back to 1884. After the Second World War it was one the largest buildings of its kind in The Netherlands. The factory went out of business in 1988. The future of the building complex was uncertain for many years, but in 2000 it received recognition as monument. In 2012 a beginning has been made to give a new purpose to the complex, after a design by Suisse architect Peter Zumthor. The new complex will have apartments, dining and office space, and will also house expositions.

Über Erik Zachte

Erik Zachte ProfilfotoResearcher & Wikipedian. On even days opinionated nuance-seeker, on odd days into oddities

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