Eye of the storm

Eye of the storm von Ardi Mulder

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Eye of the storm von Ardi Mulder

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Minimalistic photo of the piles in the IJsselmeer lake in The Netherlands. This photo is shot early in the morning on 28th july 2016.

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Ardi Mulder ProfilfotoThank you for visiting my profile. My name is Ardi and I'm a passionate land/sea- and cityscape photographer living in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. I like to show you the world through my eyes in the most beautiful way. I'm always trying to learn something new in photography and in post processing in general. To me photography is an art form, a way to capture my emotions and thoughts of daily life.It is more than capturing the right moment. To me the world of photography and my world unite. I believe my personal creative approach distinguishes me from other photographers. I hope my photographs can see you the world in a different and unique way and it can touch your emotions like it does with me.

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